Deal Sharing: Collaboration that works for you

Today we’d like to announce the launch of a major feature on the Assess+RE platform: Deal Sharing.

Deal Sharing Tab

You asked for it, we built it

Following our launch we heard many new feature requests, but one was the most requested by far: deal sharing. Every modern deal involves the participation of investors, lenders, brokers, appraisers, and entrepreneurs who need fast and simple communication, reliable data security, and tools that are available to anyone on any device. You told us that it was about more than sending data around – it’s the most powerful tool that you need to manage your business, your investment opportunities, and your communications.

We heard:

  • As a broker, I want to be able to send out a live deal to potential investors
  • I can’t just send my data out to everyone – I need to know who has access, and limit it to only people I trust
  • I have to be able to share my assumptions and collaborate with my peers
  • I need to send my investment committee the latest reports without hassle
  • I need to manage scenarios and organize multiple versions of files
  • I don’t want to have to input all the data, I just need to be able to receive completed reports for review

This first version of deal sharing, now available to all paid accounts, does all of the above.

Deal sharing is built on a set of basic principles:

  1. Simplicity: You can grant access to your deal to anyone with an email address, and they can open the deal in the platform.
  2. Security: You can share with whoever you’d like, and revoking their access is just a click away.
  3. Accessibility: Read-only access to data is available without a paid subscription, and works on any internet-enabled device.
  4. Organization: All deals shared with you are maintained in a single place, and all deals you have shared are associated with the project on your list.  No threads, no files, no problem.

Know who can see your deal

Assess+RE deal sharing allows subscribers to share data with specified users. When you share a deal, an email is sent inviting that recipient to view it, and that link is valid only for the account registered to that email address. Anyone without access to that account can use that link to request access, but to view it requires that you grant them access. The Deal Sharing tab of every deal will show you a complete list of all of the users who can see your deal, what version of the deal they were sent, and give you the option to revoke access. In this way, Assess is giving you the tools to track and control who can see your deal every step along the way.

Reviewing reports is easy and free

Deal sharing doesn’t help unless everyone can view the file. You told us that sharing proprietary files via email caused problems when software releases didn’t match, or when recipients didn’t have a license for the application. Others found it simpler to “dump everything into Excel”, and ran into trouble with files being forwarded and corrupted along the way. So from the beginning, we knew that we would offer a platform where recipients could review reports and deal data free of charge.

In order to review a deal, the recipient only needs to accept a share and create a password for their account, and they will never need a paid account to simply view the deal.  On Assess, your deal is universally compatible and accessible to everyone you might want to share it with.

It’s available now

If you have an account, log in now and have a look around. If not, start a free trial today and check out our knowledge base to see how we can help you improve your business. We’re beyond excited to have you check out the feature and we truly hope it makes a massive difference in the efficiency of your business.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think – get in touch through the in-app chat or drop us a message at